Costume Jewellery Necklaces

Indulgence Turquoise & Silver Sparkle Teardrop Pendant

A pretty, silver teardrop pendant (by Indulgence Jewellery) with a cut out sparkle design and turquoise enamel flecks on a twisted silver chain.

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Indulgence Sparkly Graduated Flowers Necklace

An eye catching sparkly flower necklace with graduated flower sizes in a shaped design by Indulgence Jewellery.

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Indulgence Large Silver Circle Fine Cut Pendant

A modern large silver circle pendant with fine cut centre and an eye catching sparkly surround on a smooth running chain.

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Indulgence Blue & Gold Crystal Owl Necklace

A stunning owl and moon gold necklace (by Indulgence) with a beautiful deep blue stone and a half moon covered in sparkling diamanté.

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Flower Cluster Diamanté Necklace

A three colour flower necklace by Indulgence Jewellery with a beautiful cluster of flower heads in gold, ivory and bronze complete with seven clear diamanté on a silver link chain. A most unusual and attractive necklace design.

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Girl's Animal Themed Necklace Set

A pretty, girl's animal necklace set which includes interchangeable pink owl, purple butterfly, yellow cat and lilac dolphin pendants.


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Girl's Mystical Themed Necklace Set

A pretty, girl's mystical necklace set which includes interchangeable silver star, multi coloured fairy, white unicorn and lilac mermaid pendants.

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Girl's Princess Themed Necklace Set

A pretty, girl's princess necklace set which includes interchangeable pink heart, Cinderella style shoe, pink party dress and most important of all - the purple crown!

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Indulgence Diamanté Silver Horseshoe Necklace

A neat silver horseshoe necklace covered with small diamanté and one large sparkler.

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Indulgence Purple Ball Necklace

A simple yet attractive iridescent and dark purple ball on a silver snake chain.

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Soft Lilac Petals Necklace

A very pretty, soft lilac necklace with scalloped flower petals design edged in silver.

55-RN1100 LIL
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Soft Turquoise Petals Necklace

A stunning, turquoise necklace with scalloped flower petals design edged in silver.

55-RN1100 TURQ
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Soft Midnight Blue Petals Necklace

A striking and unusual midnight blue necklace with scalloped flower petals design edged in silver.

55-RN1100 MB
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Blue Stone Butterfly Necklace

If you love butterflies then this butterfly necklace will not disappoint.

55-RN2892 BL
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Pink Stone Butterfly Necklace

A pretty, butterfly necklace with opaque light and dark pink stones.

55-RN2892 PK
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Pink & Silver Twist Pear Drop Necklace

A stunning large pink pear drop necklace with a silver twist design on a smooth silver chain.

55-RN1188 PK
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Gold & Yellow Daffodil Necklace

Our new spring time yellow daffodil necklace with yellow trumpet edged in gold is just the right gift for Mother's Day.

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Poppy Flower Necklace With Swarkovski Crystals

A beautiful red poppy flower necklace with black and Swarkovski crystal centre on a silver chain.

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Oval Silver Turquoise Pendant

Attractive oval pendant with a beautiful deep turquoise enamel centre and turquoise stones, part covered with a silver filigree design by Indulgence Jewellery.

71-INEC 1683
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Large Eye Crystal Owl Necklace

Cute Owl Necklace by Indulgence Jewellery with large dark diamanté for the eyes and tiny clear diamanté covering his body on a fine twisted silver chain. A lovely pendant for any owl collector.

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Silver Crystal Cross Pendant

An understated silver cross pendant by Indulgence Jewellery with a clear elongated crystal at all four ends.

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Peach Enamel Necklace

A very pretty peach enamel necklace by Indulgence Jewellery in a modern floral design with three diamanté settings.

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Dainty Flower Necklace

An extremely elegant dainty flower necklace with multi coloured stones in pastel pinks, lilacs, light green and blues.

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Small Black White Flower Necklace

Eye catching black and white enamelled flower necklace with white central diamanté.

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